Over the years I’ve been involved in or started a few interesting projects:

BLUEsat (see them on Wikipedia) – a student-led and -run project to give students the opportunity to investigate, design, build and launch a satellite.

Australian Space Science Conference – the Australia’s peer reviewed, cross disciplinary space research conference.

LocalVision – a now defunct start up which developed a unique platform for delivering digital advertising to small and medium businesses.

geo2gov (on Mashup Australia) – an online service that will take a location description in a wide range of formats, and map that location to the government. It can determine jurisdictions, electorates, representatives, where your location is defined demographically at each layer within the Census, and provides identifier maps so you can link into other websites such as the Federal Parlimentary website, OpenAustralia, MyMP and more. To quote – “Contest judge Mark Pesce said that this app that was such an impressive prototype of what was possible with government data that it made his geeky pants wet.” (http://mashupaustralia.org/winners/)

Nerds for Democracy – an occassionally updated blog I maintain with friend and geo2gov co-developer Adam Kennedy. Listed there are some of our other Government data projects.

Perl wrapper for the Campaign Monitor APICampaign Monitor is a great email campaign management service with a solid API.